• New Home Design

    This is where Charles Higgins Residential Design all started -- with my design business. The unique opportunity to sit with a couple and help them make their dreams come true ...

  • Home Renovations & Additions

    Whether you love where you are and want to renovate or circumstances require an addition to your current house, Charles Higgins Residential Design has the experience to help ...

  • About Charles Higgins

    I remembered my last real job, the one with regular hours, steady paychecks and week-ends at home. That job ended when I had enough moonlighting work to open my own office ...

  • Condo Design & Renovation

    Whether you are looking to renovate and existing unit, to bring life to an old unit, or just a quick design, Charles Higgins Residential Design can bring your ideas to life ...

  • Equestrian Facilities

    Having lived in and worked in Wellington for the last 21 years, I have built a unique perspective on Equestrian Facilities in one of the most sought after addresses in the horse community.

About Me

Mission Statement

We at Charles Higgins Residential Designer Inc. are dedicated to providing high quality, permit and construction – ready drawings for Custom Homes. Equestrian Projects, Additions, and Remodeling Projects. We value a close relationship with our clients and contractors by which we can evaluate and meet their wants, needs, and budget.

With over thirty years of residential and equestrian design experience allows us to put our client’s dreams on paper in an efficient and effective manner.

We look forward to creating unique projects that are as special and unique as our clients.