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    This is where Charles Higgins Residential Design all started -- with my design business. The unique opportunity to sit with a couple and help them make their dreams come true ...

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    Whether you love where you are and want to renovate or circumstances require an addition to your current house, Charles Higgins Residential Design has the experience to help ...

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    I remembered my last real job, the one with regular hours, steady paychecks and week-ends at home. That job ended when I had enough moonlighting work to open my own office ...

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Home Renovation and Additions

What started as a small extension of my business has expanded into a major part of Charles higgins Residential Designs. With the latest downturn in the economy has lead to many of our clients stay where they are and add or renovate. Whether the family is growing or circustances demand an addition. Our vast experiece in renvations and additions will help you make the very best decision.

Whether you love where you are and want to renovate or circustances present a need to add. Please contact us for a free consultation.


Hendrix House Renovation and Additions

What started out as a renovation for a handicap client, expanded into a major renovation and addition to help hm and his family live more comfortable.


Rose House Additions and Renovations

This addiiton was needed because of a exanding family and the need to update and renovate and exisiting house with an expaned master suite and spectacular Master bathroom.


Dixon House Additions and Renovations

As seasonal residents, the need for more space when the kids visit, propelled the need for a renoated kitchen and expanded breakfast area.


Walton House Addition

Still in the preliminary design phase, The need for a game room and larger garage, propelled this design.


Bloom Conary Garage Addition

With the existing garage previously renovated to a new game room. The need for a new larger garage with a breezeway to conect the new additon to the exisitng home.