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  • Equestrian Facilities

    Having lived in and worked in Wellington for the last 21 years, I have built a unique perspective on Equestrian Facilities in one of the most sought after addresses in the horse community.


Equestrian Facilities

Having lived and worked in Wellington for the last 21 years has given me a unique perspective on the equestrian community. Wellington is one of the most sought after address in horse community. Our vast experience in barns, grooms quarters, tack and feed areas are unparallel in the area. Please contact for a free consultation.


Turner New Barn Design

This project was unique in the sense that we had to provide a fire protection between the storage and safe keep of the horses and the grooms that took care of the horses.


Minikus New Barn Design

The design of the barn was greatly influenced by the owner Olympian Todd Minikus. Working with the minikus taught me a great insight on the complex jumping events of the equestrian world.


O'Neill New Barn Design

The owner was consensus of the existing barn but needed to add additional stalls for more horses. We were able to keep the existing stalls intact and add on the barn to accommodate the needs of the owner and her horses.


Ojeda Barn and Tack Room

This barn was designed in accordance with the needs of the owner, but more importantly, the restrictions of the number of stalls for this size farm.


Newport Farms Barn Addition

This addition to the existing barn was needed to accommodate more living areas for the grooms whom care for the horses.


Crab Orchard Polo Farms Pony Barn

This barn was constructed to accommodate the additional horses need to compete for the highly touted Crab Orchard Polo Team